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UIC Official Announcement

Dear Faculty, Staff and Students:

The University of Illinois at Chicago is a public university dedicated to the education of all of its students regardless of citizenship, immigration status, race, disability, sexual orientation, religion, or national origin. UIC is dedicated to and proud of its diversity and has a long history of successfully creating educational opportunities for first-generation and immigrant students. We will always hold true to our core mission of serving our students, staff and scholars in an environment that embraces our differences and utilizes them to make a positive impact on our community and our world.

The current national discussion regarding “sanctuary campuses” is fundamentally about ensuring that all students are free to pursue an education and to participate in a university community that is safe and supportive. UIC is, and has always been, committed to being such a community. 

UIC’s undocumented and Muslim students and staff, like all students and staff, are integral members of our community and we will do everything within the law to support and protect them. Should any of our students and staff be targeted in any bias incidents, we ask that you assist us in ensuring safety on campus by contacting UIC Police at 312-996-2830.

UIC will continue to assist and advocate for our undocumented students and those who have benefitted from the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program so they have access to full educational opportunities.  UIC does not collect any information on a student’s DACA status and will continue to protect all other confidential student and employee information to the fullest extent allowed by law. Finally, the UIC Police will not inquire about or detain community members based solely on immigration status.

UIC has many resources and services to assist students:

As part of our new Campus Conversation series to explore current events affecting our lives, the Office of the Provost will sponsor a panel discussion on February 1, 2017, that will address immigration law and policy. By February, there should be more information about the direction of the nation’s future immigration policy. We encourage your participation in this year-long series that explores current events affecting our lives and provides an opportunity for discussion in an open format.

We will continue to monitor federal and state law and policy that might impact our students, and we will update the campus community as we learn more.


Michael D. Amiridis

Susan Poser
Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

Robert A. Barish
Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs