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Ah finals week — it should be a holiday on its own, right? No matter where you are at this point (yes, we are all tired and we want school to be over) remember to give it that final push! Everyone is counting on you to get that A, so don’t just give up now!

The semester is winding down, which means the holidays are coming. All those holiday-themed activities that we yearn to do will finally be in our reach. For me, it’s the hot cocoa and gingerbread house decorating.

But this holiday season, I want you to do one thing differently this year, and it is give the gift of good deeds. When the holidays come around, it seems that all we can think about is giving the best presents out there. Real talk, sometimes we forget that the real joy of the season isn’t about receiving, but giving back to those who deserve it the most.

So this holiday season I give you a challenge: do something whimsical and caring to a complete stranger or a close family member. It can be anything from going to a nursing home and writing a homemade card, to just a simple act of saying thank you to one of your favorite professors. I recently made homemade cookies, and I made a few too many. Instead of leaving them at home, I wrapped them up nicely in a plastic bag and gave them to strangers on the street. Seeing the joy and surprise on people’s faces was the best reaction I could’ve asked for and it made me feel warm and fuzzy.

I encourage you to do a simple act of kindness, because if there is anything more we need than Christmas spirit, is the gift of kindness.

As finals wrap up, reward yourself for finishing strong and enjoy the holidays festivities. Go make yourself that Pinterest-worthy hot cocoa, hang out those fairy lights and catch up on all those jolly Christmas movies (“The Polar Express” will forever be my favorite). Don’t forget to visit the beautiful city of Chicago during break because there are a lot of cool free events happening, such as the Christkindlmarket at Daley Plaza! Wishing all the wonderful students, faculty members and staff here at UIC a very warm, happy holiday season.


Brigita KanclerisBrigita Kancleris is a sophomore majoring in English. When she isn’t busy being part of SAB and CHAARG on campus, she will usually be writing down ideas for her next piece. She wants to be a travel editor so she can share her experiences and turn them into works for everyone to read. She enjoys skiing, traveling and all things winter. Did we mention how much she loves tea (like obsessed)? Watch out UIC, this Lithuanian will stop at nothing to reach her dreams!

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