Adults who vape and smoke cigarettes needed for a research study

The University of Illinois at Chicago is recruiting participants for a study evaluating the impact of electronic cigarette use or vaping on mood. Qualified participants for this research project will complete two visits to a laboratory wherein they will complete a number of questionnaires, including those that evaluate smoking and vaping history and mood. Each visit will last approximately 60 to 90 minutes, for a total of 2 to 3 hours total over the two visits. In addition, participants will be asked to view a series of picture slides and may be asked to use a provided electronic cigarette.   Participants will be compensated for their time and participation. Research will take place in the Behavioral Sciences Building (BSB) at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

For more information, please contact the Substance Use Research Laboratory at 312-996-8251.

Principal Investigator: Grace Giedgowd, UIC Department of Psychology

UIC research protocol #2017-0412

For more information, please contact:
Grace Giedgowd

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