Affordable Care Act’s impact on labor market

robert kaestner

Robert Kaestner

“In general, there’s been no evidence that the ACA has done anything significant to employment. We don’t have to worry too much.”

Robert Kaestner, professor of economics, on the Affordable Care Act’s impact on the labor market, Jan. 6 Washington Post.


“Before these devices get out, we need to have validation tests.”


Spyros Kitsiou, assistant professor of biomedical and health information sciences, on federal regulation of products like FitBit that can impact health, Jan. 7 Modern Healthcare.


“The wrong way to cure inequality is to attack the people who are taller, or have better parents, or live in richer countries. The way to do it is to uplift the poor.”

Deirdre McCloskey, distinguished professor of economics, history, English and communication, on the effect inequality has on growth and prosperity, Jan 8 BBC News.



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