All patronage workers?

“Is everyone on a garbage truck a patronage worker? Not necessarily, but quite a few were and quite a few are.”

Political science professor Dick Simpson on the politics of garbage collection in Chicago, April 18 Chicago Public Radio


“It’s a very significant amount of money — certainly millions of dollars.”

David Merriman, professor of public administration and economics, on his study that found widespread black market sales of cigarettes, April 17 American Public Media “Marketplace”


“Oftentimes patients don’t know what about their context is relevant. That’s why I ultimately think that this is a doctor’s job. Not a patient job.”

Saul Weiner, professor of medicine, pediatrics and medical education, on his recent study that found patient-centered care leads to better health outcomes, April 16 Reuters News Service


“There’s a lot of interest not only in the tech skills, but also in the soft skills, such as selling something to the client, meeting with heads of business, leading a team of people, leading a programming team.”

Tracy Warner, senior director of the College of Business Administration career center, on the job market for MBAs and other advanced business degrees, April 15 Chicago Tribune

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