Awards for Creative Activity

Dear Colleagues,

The Chancellor, Provost and Vice Chancellor for Research are pleased to announce Awards for Creative Activity, a new seed funding program to support scholarship in the arts, humanities and social sciences. We plan to allocate up to $750,000 to stimulate new projects and support broad dissemination of ongoing work.

Awards will fall under three categories: Fine, Performing, and Applied Arts; the Humanities; and the Social Sciences. Awards will be made for two types of projects: Creative Activity and Creative Activity Dissemination. The final number of funded projects is contingent upon submission of a sufficient number of meritorious applications and availability of funds.

Letters of intent are due Wednesday, Oct. 30, 2019. Full proposals will be due Monday, Nov. 18, 2019. Award announcements will be made in late December 2019 for project start dates in January 2020.

Any questions regarding this announcement can be sent to Please visit the OVCR website for additional information and to submit applications.


Michael Amiridis

Susan Poser

Joanna Groden
Vice Chancellor for Research

For more information, please contact:
Sarah O’Brien

Maryfrances Miley

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