Blackboard content market

Using external learning materials from academic publishers such as Pearson, Macmillan or Cengage in Blackboard is a great way to enhance teaching and learning in your courses. Instructors and course builders can access ready-made material from textbook publishers to enhance their curriculum and provide students with supplementary materials that aid in learning.

Once you have decided on a provider, you will work directly with their staff to integrate materials into your Blackboard course. UIC help desk does not support Blackboard integration with external vendors, and you should share the vendor technical support contacts with your students.

If you are already using learning materials from the external content market, there are some best practices that can improve course functionality in the long term. First, direct links to the textbook are preferable to deep linking to specific activities, because this allows vendors to make upgrades or updates without affecting the course. Deep links to specific activities may require updates to your Blackboard course if the eBook is updated or revised. When using Macmillan content, specific instructions on linking to Achieve courses can be found in the following video tutorial: Link Your Achieve Course with Blackboard.

To learn more about available content providers and the implementation process, review this page: Blackboard content market.

For questions about how to advertise digital course materials, request an appointment with one of CATE’s instructional designers, or contact the Center for the Advancement of Teaching Excellence Support team at

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