Books from UIC faculty

Books written and edited by UIC faculty cover an almost infinite number of subjects. For your intellectual curiosities and late summer reading pleasure, below is a sample of recently, or soon-to-be, released publications that fittingly demonstrate that variety.

“Written After a Massacre in the Year 2018,” by Daniel Borzutzky, UIC assistant professor of English and Latin American and Latino studies

In his sixth book, the collection of poems from Borzutzky, who is a National Book Award for Poetry winner, explores the aftermath of the shooting at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh, as well as several social issues including other mass shootings and violence, immigration and xenophobia. 

“Race Unequals: Overseer Contracts, White Masculinities, and the Formation of Managerial Identity in the Plantation Economy,” by Teri A. McMurtry-Chubb, professor at UIC School of Law

McMurtry-Chubb, who researches, teaches and writes in the areas of legal history and discourse, critical rhetoric and genre analysis, examines white male identity in the plantation economy of the antebellum American South.

“Bikeri: Two Copper Age Villages on the Great Hungarian Plain,” co-edited by William A. Parkinson, UIC professor of anthropology

Parkinson, who is also a curator at the Field Museum of Natural History, presents the results of his archaeological research in the Carpathian Basin region and the first substantial excavations at fifth millennium BC Copper Age settlement sites. Scheduled for publication in November.

“La ciudad en que no estás,” by Margarita Saona, UIC professor of Hispanic and Italian Studies

Saona’s latest Spanish-language publication features a compilation of short stories, some of which are newly published pieces accompanied by earlier work found in her books of short fiction “Comehoras” (2008) and “Objeto perdidos” (2012).

“Reaching for the Stars,” by James Unwin, UIC assistant professor of physics; and “Ene And The Magic Boxes,” by Laura Schaposnik, UIC associate professor of mathematics

Unwin and Schaposnik released children’s books as part of a series of illustrated tales aimed at teaching vocabulary to toddlers and are presented in English, Spanish, and bilingual editions.

“The Web of Meaning: The Internet in a Changing Chinese Society,” by Elaine Yuan, UIC associate professor of communication

Yuan, whose research focuses on the cultural implications of new media technology, digital infrastructures, privacy, disinformation, and Chinese communication, examines the role of the internet as symbolic fields for the reproduction of the cultural practices of privacy, nationalism, and the network market in China.

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