Campus Housing honors student staff, leaders

Academic and Residential Complex
Academic and Residential Complex (ARC). Photo: Jenny Fontaine

On April 20, UIC Housing hosted an end of the year virtual ceremony to honor student staff, student leaders and other members of the housing team who have performed the meaningful work of campus community building.

Over 100 community members attended the virtual ceremony to celebrate and award those who have gone above and beyond in their work and commitment to UIC’s inclusive student culture.

Peers nominated award-winners with heartfelt narratives about their nominees and provided examples of how each person made Campus Housing a home for our residents. Some phrases heard were that they were “the most selfless person I have ever met” or “always enters every situation with a positive attitude, and her never-ending optimism is contagious.”

At the ceremony, each of the professional staff members on the Housing Residence Life team took their turns presenting awards and highlighting the student staff that they support every day. Laughter shared throughout the ceremony turned to tears shed as departing staff members were given final honors and graduates were congratulated. The ceremony recognized all members of UIC housing community and served to shine a light on the incredible persistence and resilience of its members.

UIC Campus Housing honors the following individuals who have given so much to their communities:

  • Outstanding Senior Student Staff – Bendita Qian
  • Outstanding Desk Staff Member – Soila Mercado
  • RA/PM Team of the year – Lucas Myint & Sejdije Fejza
  • Peer Mentor Excellence Award for New PM – Michelle Omega
  • Peer Mentor Excellence Award for Returner PM – Monay Zayed
  • Resident Assistant Excellence Award for New RA – Leopoldo Rodriguez
  • Resident Assistant Excellence Award for Returning RA – Quinn Kelly
  • Faculty-In-Residence of the year – Leslie Aldrich
  • Outstanding Residential Student of the year – Abigail Neil
  • Program of the Year Award for Life Management – Kristen Clark
  • Program of the Year Award for Academic Success – Alexa Zamudio & Johnny Gao
  • Program of the Year Award for Sense of Belonging – Academic & Residential Complex Staff
  • Program of the Year Award for Career Readiness – Sam Castillo
  • Program of the Year Award for Institutional Pride – Holden Thomas
  • Program of the Year Award for Cultural Competency – SISTERS
  • Community Development Award for West Campus – Jada Roberts
  • Community Development Award for South Campus – Ricky Valladares & Allison Nordvall
  • Community Development Award for East Campus – Adrian D’Souza, Lexi Rosenbery, & Kammi Martin Giacalone
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