University Insights 2018

On Wednesday, January 17, UIC held University Insights, an annual presentation that alternates between the three universities of the University of Illinois System. The program — “Ignite. Innovation.” — was held at the UIC Innovation Center.

The objective for the evening was to convey the wide range of interdisciplinary activities and research taking place at UIC, within the Innovation Center and between all academic colleges, and how that research is making its way into our daily lives.

Topics for the presentations combined various areas of research including bioengineering, industrial design and health care, among others. The impact of interdisciplinary research taking place at UIC was powerfully illustrated in each of the presentations, as well as how both students and faculty work with our corporate partners to identify the value and strengths of collaborative ideas and define the best way to move those ideas forward as products and services.

The presentations included:

Alex Leow, Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Bioengineering

Kimberlee Wilkens, Instructor of Industrial Design, ID Faculty Lead at the UIC Innovation UR*Lab, and Affiliate Faculty in Urology

UgoBuy, Associate Professor of Computer Sciences and Co-Director of Caterpillar Research Lab

Donald Bergh, Adjunct Professor of Design, Research Specialist and Co-Director of the Caterpillar Research Lab

Nicole Bronowicz, Undergraduate Student, Business Administration

Brianna Hines, Undergraduate Student, Graphic Design

Najah Ahsan, Undergraduate Student, Bioengineering

Naomi Faulk, Undergraduate Student, Bioengineering

Maria Mckiever, Undergraduate Student, Industrial Engineering

George Dill, Graduate Student, Computer Science

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