Insertion Requirements

For preprinted advertising materials inserted separately into newspapers.

Circulation: 10,000


Requirements & Specifications

Minimum Size: 5.75 x 4.5 in
Maximum Size: 10 x 5.5 in

Stock: 70 lb or heavier

Restrictions: No tri-fold or accordion folds All inserts must be scheduled two weeks prior to their insertion date. Exceptions must be approved by the publisher.


Delivery Instructions

Inserts must be delivered at least 7 days prior to run date, labeled as indicated below. Packing slips and bills of lading must specify the name of the publica­tion (UIC NEWS), quantity, size, and insertion date. Inserts must be received in minimum lifts or turns of 5″, shipped on pallets or in boxes.

Required Shipping Label Information:

“Insert for UIC NEWS”
Qty:_______   Size:_______  Run Date _______
16710 Chicago Avenue
Lansing, Illinois 60438
Contact: Pam Rybicki
Phone: 708-895-3720



One insertion order of 10,000 copies is $900.



UIC News reserves the right to refuse any inserts that are not properly labeled or packaged, do not have a packing slip, do not specify the publication for which they are intended, that do not fit the requirements listed above, or have not been scheduled.