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students practice skills on a dummy

October 29, 2013

UIC, City Colleges partner in bridge to sciences

Program increases number of underrepresented students in research careers

Ouri Wolfson

October 28, 2013

UIC spinoffs highlight importance of university research to U.S. economy

Report highlights importance of university work to U.S. economy

Xiaoping Du

October 28, 2013

Discovery could lead to anti-clotting drugs with less risk of bleeding

Discovery could lead to anti-clotting drugs with less risk of bleeding

Howard Wial

October 24, 2013

Study says medical district drives $3.4 billion in region’s economy

Study says medical district contributes to region’s economy

group of chickens

October 23, 2013

Food additive may prevent spread of deadly new avian flu

Additive in chicken feed could reduce spillover of virus from birds to humans

Neal Mankad

October 23, 2013

Cheap metals can be used to make products from petroleum

Common metals may replace platinum, palladium, in key synthetic reactions

Brain scan showing engaged portions of the prefrontal cortex

October 21, 2013

Growing up poor and stressed impacts brain function as an adult

Poverty coupled with stress have long-lasting effects on brain function

Guy Weinberg, Douglas Feinstein, and Israel Rubinstein

October 21, 2013

Grant will fund development of chemical countermeasures

Can a nutritional supplement help treat exposure to chemical threats?

child's face behind puzzle pieces

October 16, 2013

$1.5 million grant aids early learning in children with disabilities

Practitioners will coach parents

Rhonda McCullough

October 15, 2013

STAR Center marks first year of research, treatment

Number of patients has increased 70 percent

1 91 92 93 94 95 119