Commuting changes Monday: Morgan station reopens, Peoria closes


The Peoria Street Bridge and CTA Blue Line station are scheduled to be closed June 2 to Dec. 31. Photo: Timothy Nguyen/UIC News

The Morgan Street CTA Blue Line station is scheduled to reopen Monday, while the Peoria Street CTA station will be closed as the reconstruction of the Circle Interchange continues.

A temporary pedestrian bridge across Morgan Street will provide access to the Blue Line station. There will be lights along the walkway and CTA security cameras at the station. The intersection of Morgan Street and Congress Parkway next to the temporary bridge will have pedestrian crosswalks and stop signs.

Access to the Morgan Street CTA station will not be handicapped accessible. The Halsted Street CTA station, which is accessible, will remain open.

The Peoria Street Bridge, CTA Blue Line station and pedestrian walkway to CUPPA Hall will be closed until Dec. 31. The walkway will be re-engineered to provide a safe, well-lit and landscaped pathway from the CTA station north to CUPPA Hall and south to the Harrison Street entrance to campus.

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