Photo / Video Policies

Due to concerns for federal privacy regulations (FERPA and HIPAA), at all times other than designated public events, photography (including video) that is not official business of the university is forbidden in university buildings unless the photographer is accompanied by Public Affairs. Outdoor photography is permitted.

In addition, in the hospital, outpatient clinics, and all patient-care areas of the UI Hospital, HIPAA regulations require that a patient authorize release of any information pertaining to his/her stay, except in those cases of required disclosures. Public Affairs must ensure that all patients photographed, interviewed, or otherwise identified have signed the required consent forms. (UI Hospital Management Policy and Procedure IM 1.04, February 2009.)

UIC Photo Consent Form (PDF)

UIC Photo Consent for Groups (PDF)

UIC / UI Health Reporting, Publication or Broadcast Release  | Spanish version (PDF)


Contact us to request published photos or B-roll footage of the campus or campus events.