UIC samples cultural cuisine from around the world at ‘Taste’

Taste of UIC 2015

Brenda Herrera, junior in biology, tries some new foods at the Taste of UIC. Photo: Joseph Horejs

Delicious entrees filled the East Terrace in Student Center East with a delightful aroma Thursday.

Student organizations showcased their cooking skills while raising money during the Taste of UIC, sponsored by Campus Programs.

“It’s been here for many years. About 500 people come to support the event,” said Jessica Adam, assistant program director in Campus Programs.

Students and staff members lined up to purchase tickets and try cultural cuisine.

“We are selling great snacks with a healthy twist,” said Jacob Mey, doctoral student in kinesiology and nutrition and president of the Student Nutrition Association Club. “We have kale chips.”

People tried food from organizations such as the Hispanic Alliance for Career Enhancement and Filipinos in Alliance. With a handful of plates, they looked for empty tables to enjoy their lunch.

“I got an empanada filled with ground beef, a tamale, and a tostada tinga,” said Ian Torres, a junior in Latin American and Latino studies. “It’s pretty good so far.”

Sandra Li tried Taste of UIC for the first time. “It’s better than expected,” said Li, a senior in psychology. “My favorite is the spam wasabi.”


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