Down syndrome, Alzheimer’s disease

Tamar Heller

Tamar Heller, director of UIC Institute on Disability and Human Development. Photo credit: Jenny Fontaine


“It’s very hard to diagnose. It’s hard to tell (if there has been memory loss) when someone already had impairments related to memory and cognitive disabilities.”


Tamar Heller, director of the Institute on Disability and Human Development, on people with Down syndrome who are at high risk for developing Alzheimer’s disease, Sept. 25 Chicago Tribune 



“This gives rise to the issue of whether there are enough air traffic controllers to handle the added traffic.”


Bo Zou, assistant professor of civil and materials engineering, on getting air traffic back to normal after a fire in the Aurora air traffic control facility Friday, Sept. 27 ABC7 News



“My dad swore his kids were not going to hide from thunderstorms in the closet or under the beds. It was like the Fourth of July for us whenever we had a thunderstorm.”


Mary Ann Cooper, professor emeritus of emergency medicine and one of the world’s few experts on the health after-effects of lightning strikes, on the beginning of her interest in the topic, Sept. 22 Outside magazine


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