If you are 18 years or older and have prediabetesyou may be eligible to participate in this diet research about prevention of diabetes.

This study “Impact of the No-Carrageenan Diet on Glucose Tolerance in Prediabetes” is at UIC and is funded by the American Diabetes Association.

The study requires:
Random assignment to carrageenan or no-carrageenan diet for 12 weeks;
Prepared meals and snacks from UIC nutritionists for 12 weeks;
Four visits to the UIC Clinical Research Center and meal pickup at UIC;
Glucose tolerance test and other laboratory tests.

There is compensation for participating.

Please email Study Coordinator Dr. Feferman at
or Principal Investigator Dr. Tobacman, Department of Medicine, CSN 440, at or call 312-569-7826 for more details and to find out if you can participate.

For more information, please contact:
Leo Feferman

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