Bachelor of Arts in Public Policy Information Session

Date / Time

March 7, 2019

2:00 pm - 3:00 pm


2100 AEh


The Education Advisory Board (EAB) ranked Public Policy as the 15th most valuable major out of 162 degrees. Join us to find out why at our Bachelor of Arts Information Session. This session will cover the requirements, application process and careers in public policy for both the major and the minor in public policy.

What is Policy- policy is just a fancy word for “rules.” From administrative policies to ordinances and laws, we train you to locate, understand and analyze the policies that impact you, your family, community, state, nation and world.

Highlights of our core program:

  • Values-driven public service training means that we encourage all our students to have a vision about what a high-functioning democracy should look like
  • Analytically grounded training gives you concrete skills to take directly into the workforce, and soft-skills and leadership development to help our students work in highly collaborative environments
  • Experiential learning opportunities in-class and through field placements at some of the top government agencies and non-profits in the city, state or nationally
  • Real opportunities, real careers to help transform our democracy!

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