Chicago Children’s Choir World Music Festival concert

Date / Time

March 14, 2020

3:30 pm - 5:30 pm

This concert on March 14 at 3:30 pm at UIC Forum features hundreds of CPS choir students from across the city, plus some special guests including a Siberian Tuvan throat singing ensemble called ALASH—all of which will be collaborating on a performance of international music styles. Works will be from all over the world including South Africa, Finland, Lithuania and more. This concert, which is open to the public, showcases a key component of Chicago Children’s Choir’s curriculum—which is to create global citizens through music.


Chicago Children’s Choir welcomes ALASH, masters of Tuvan throat singing (xöömei), a remarkable technique for singing multiple pitches at the same time. The gifted trio blends modern influences with tradition music and blends complex harmonies, western instruments, and contemporary song while maintain a Tuvan spirit. The concert also features members of Chicago Children’s Choirs 11 Neighborhood Choirs, joined by the DiMension ensemble for young men, and the Voice of Chicago premier performance ensemble.


The performance will culminate a daylong student workshop hosted by Chicago Children’s Choir for the young singers to meet and collaborate on these rich and diverse musical traditions.

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