Crip Paint Power: Representation as a Feminist Act — Open Studio and Discussion with 2022 3Arts/Bodies of Work Residency Fellow Genevieve Ramos

Date / Time

March 29, 2022

3:00 pm - 4:30 pm


Open Studio and Discussion with 2022 3Arts/Bodies of Work Residency Fellow Genevieve Ramos

Tues, March 29 

3-4:30 p.m. CST


Access info: CART, ASL, and image description will be provided. Contact or 312-355-7050 with any other requests. 

Suggested Materials: Any art materials you have available, like paints, markers, colored pencils, pens, glue, paper, canvas, cardboard, or found objects.

About the Event: This open studio welcomes students, staff, faculty and community members for a conversation and creative session with artist Genevieve Ramos, a disabled Latina whose portraiture centers on women of color with disabilities. This space is open to all — join us to think through the identities we embody and the power behind representation while making art!

Artist Bio: Genevieve is a visual artist, focusing on acrylics on canvas. She is also an advocate and activist of her intersecting identities, Genevieve believes that the personal is political, and the very personal is art. She paints many portraits, with surreal and abstract themes, drawn from her personal experience of being a Mexican-American woman with disabilities. Genevieve has participated in various group exhibitions, gallery shows and creates commissioned paintings. She has also earned her Associate’s Degree in Arts and graduated from Northeastern Illinois University in 2021 with her Bachelor’s degree in Women’s, Gender, and Sexually Studies.

Image Description: Bold block letters outlined in red on a pale pink background read “Crip Paint Power,” and in bold red text below, “Representation as a Feminist Act.” Additional event details appear in red and black text next to a painting by Genevieve Ramos and a photo of the artist in a scalloped frame. The painting shows a person wearing a crown of flowers on black hair, and their face is cropped just below two eyes looking down with thick lashes and eyebrows that meet in the middle. Genevieve is a smiling Mexican-American woman with curly shoulder length hair that is dark with red dye at the ends. She is wearing oversized hot pink earrings and a black top with an x detail across the chest. She holds a paintbrush in her hand.

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