Earthly Visions: Inside the Climate Crisis

Date / Time

September 8, 2023 - December 16, 2023

5:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Gallery 400


“Earthly Visions: Inside the Climate Crisis” features a group exhibition of local, national and international artists engaged in how we understand and respond to the climate crisis. This year’s unusual and extreme weather events have made the climate crisis more immediately palpable. Artists like so many people are asking questions about how we respond and what the crisis means in our lives. “Earthly Visions” offers an opportunity to contemplate small and large ways to both take action and rethink what that action entails.

The eight artists in “Earthly Visions” employ an array of media — photography, prints, sculpture, video and installation—to visualize scientific solutions, reconceptualize caretaking, document inventive activism and explore material alternatives to carbon-based substances. Their artistic approaches — from humorous narrative strategies to minimalist indexing, from documentary filmmaking to material investigations — unearth new ways to understand our relationship to living in and emergency, caring for our environment, and grasping the scope of possible solutions.

Among the works in the show are depictions of alternative futures led by Indigenous knowledge, evidence of the unequal impact of environmental degradation, and explorations proposed of scientific solutions. Other pieces consider the material opportunities of waste, document communities that care for the land, and celebrate the beauty of ancient landscapes. Together, the artists in “Earthly Visions” draw audiences in to closely consider how we think, grasp, and respond to the climate crisis.

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