Gallery 400 Opening Reception: “Let Me Be an Object that Screams” Curated by Matt Morris

Date / Time

September 8, 2017

5:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Opening reception of “Let Me Be an Object that Screams,” curated by Matt Morris.

“Let Me Be an Object that Screams” is on view Sept. 8-Oct. 21 at Gallery 400.

Curated by Matt Moris, “Let Me Be an Object that Screams” brings together a range of works by contemporary artists in order to test psychoanalytic concepts of “subject-hood” and the ways a subject’s counterpart, the “object,” has been animated by artistic and exhibition practices. Informed by psychoanalytic theory, the exhibition looks beyond the strictures and symptoms of a present-day oppressive society for yet unexplored psychological and political possibilities in and through objecthood. In so doing, the exhibition comprises three sections: one in which the content of psychoanalytic ‘object relations theories’ are reconsidered; a second that fantasizes the erotic possibilities of preferring to be an object; and finally a group of artists whose works question the object’s function within exhibition design, supported by more recent philosophical developments of “thing-theory” and “object-oriented ontologies.”

Artists: Terry Adkins, Nayland Blake, Anna Campbell, Nona Faustine, Jeff Gibson, Jennifer Chen-su Huang, Thomas Huston, E. Jane, Arnold J. Kemp, Isabelle McGuire, Catalina Ouyang, Puppies Puppies, Oli Rodriguez and Jovencio de la Paz, and Leonard Suryajaya.


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