‘No community without territory: Black feminism and the struggle for the land in post-conflict Colombia’

Date / Time

October 19, 2018

4:00 pm - 6:00 pm


UH 1501


In this talk, Lina Martínez explores the current status of women-led Black leadership in Colombia, focusing specifically on the experiences of Afro-Colombian communities in the Pacific region of the country, particularly in Cauca. The work of the Goldman Environmental Prize winner for 2018, Francia Márquez, has shed light on the struggles lived by Afro-Colombian communities facing displacement and destruction of their communities and their land with the increase of multinational mining companies extracting minerals from this area. Even though this is a common scenario in different parts of Latin America and the world, in Colombia it faces particular challenges framed in the post-conflict context. Martínez explores the ways in which historical Afro-Colombian struggle converge with contemporary Black feminist thought to promote new ways to defend the link between land and community. Do the current forms of struggle reveal the continuity of an unfulfilled promise of inclusion of black subjects as citizens of the modern state? Are they a point of departure for a new parastatal eco-feminist politics of community and belonging?

Part of the Talks in Literatures and Cultures series organized by the Department of Hispanic and Italian Studies.

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