Nonprofit Management Online Courses

Date / Time

March 18, 2021

All Day


The University of Illinois at Chicago’s Certificate in Nonprofit Management (CNM) program provides a comprehensive suite of 100% online, non-credit courses designed for individuals working in or with the nonprofit industry. These courses cover a variety of topics integral to running a nonprofit organization, and will help build a strong and effective organization by educating employees. UIC offers 12 courses – take just one course or multiple courses, depending on your learning and career goals. You must complete three courses to earn UIC’s Certificate in Nonprofit Management.

The following courses are offered starting March 18 and run through April 21, 2021:

  • Marketing Management
    • This course helps nonprofits tell their “story” to clients, funders, supporters and others in the marketplace in a cost-effective way to better achieve their mission.  This course provides an overview of a variety of critical elements of the marketing process for nonprofit organizations. Learn how to develop a strong brand and image to effectively communicate and position organizational messages to the media and public at large, and to defend against reputational threats. We also will discuss best practices and strategies to balance social media with traditional marketing methods.
  • Aligning Efforts to Outcomes: Effective Program Design and Evaluation
    • This course provides a framework for understanding the continuous and integrated process of program evaluation and program design. Utilizing the Logic Model as a guide, participants will learn to develop goals and objectives, determine which activities will address those objectives, and develop outcome measurements to determine the impact of programs. In addition, this class will help a practitioner develop an evaluation plan and learn how to utilize the evaluation results to strengthen the organization’s programs.

Course Details

  • 100% online
  • Activities include readings, discussions and hands-on exercises
  • 50 hours of learning
  • Fee: $550


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