Secretary of State Candidate/ Civic Awareness Forum

Date / Time

March 14, 2022

1:00 pm - 2:30 pm


The Undergraduate Student Government is hosting the 2022 Secretary of State candidates to participate in an election forum. Candidates will field questions from the moderator regarding their platforms and what they want to accomplish once they take office. Some questions will be submitted by students and audience members. The forum will educate students on this historic election and important state office. It provides the UIC community with a vital opportunity for civic engagement.

Attendees will be given the chance to engage with the candidates themselves and to ask questions in the name of Civic Engagement and Education.

This event will be open to both UIC Students, UIC-affiliated people, and the general public. Students must show their daily pass to enter and the general public must show their ID and Vaccination Card before entering.

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