Adrienne Massanari

Assistant Professor, Communication


Adrienne Massanari-assistant professor, communication / Photo: Jenny Fontaine

Adrienne Massanari — Photo: Jenny Fontaine

Platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Reddit are appealing communication channels for many reasons: ease of access, use and distribution, global reach and, in some cases, anonymity.

Those same qualities also often push ethical and legal boundaries and present new dilemmas that corporations and users must confront, according to UIC new media scholar Adrienne Massanari.

Massanari, author of the book, “Participatory Culture, Community, and Play: Learning from Reddit,” says the struggle to create spaces that encourage users to speak candidly but civilly represents a larger cultural moment.

She also has more than a decade of experience as a user researcher, information architect, usability specialist, and consultant in both corporate and educational settings.

Subject areas:

  • Social and cultural impacts of new media
  • Gaming
  • Information architecture and user-centered design
  • Youth culture
  • Participatory culture
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