James Bahcall

Clinical professor of endodontics


Dr. James Bahcall (Photo: Joshua Clark)

Dr. James Bahcall is a clinical professor of endodontics at the UIC College of Dentistry. Bahcall’s research focuses on developing tooth-saving treatments and advancing oral health for patients.

Bahcall’s research in vital pulp cryotherapy, a minimally invasive procedure, is helping to reduce the need for root canals and the time it takes to treat infected teeth. He also studies bioactive endodontics to develop less invasive root canal procedures and improve long-term outcomes for patients.

His research also has helped develop a fiber optic endoscope to enhance visualization during root canals. He also contributed to the development of polymer-based rotary files and ultrasonic endodontic instruments to remove debris, a common cause of infections after root canals.

Bahcall earned a degree in dental medicine from the Tufts University School of Dental Medicine. He received a master’s degree and a certificate in endodontics from the School of Dentistry at Marquette University.

Subject areas:

  • Vital pulp cryotherapy
  • Bioactive endodontics
  • Surgical endodontic treatment
  • Conventional endodontic treatment
  • Dental phobia
  • Root canal


  • English
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