Rachael Jones

Assistant professor of environmental and occupational health sciences


Rachael Jones

Rachael Jones, environmental and occupational health sciences, UIC School of Public Health

Rachael Jones is an assistant professor of environmental and occupational health sciences in the UIC School of Public Health.

Jones is an expert in how hazardous materials – both biological and chemical – move through the environment. Her research focuses on the the application and evaluation of physical and statistical models related to exposure to hazardous agents and risk assessment.

Some of her recent work has included characterizing the risk of tuberculosis infection in commercial airliners and investigating factors that influence influenza transmission in health care environments.

The Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy published a commentary in September 2014 by Jones and Lisa Brosseau, professor of environmental and occupational health sciences at UIC, stating their belief that Ebola virus has the potential to be transmitted through aerosolized particles. They recommended health care workers wear respirators instead of masks, which offer less protection against infectious aerosolized particles.

Subject areas:

  • Infectious disease transmission
  • Risk assessment for airborne and aerosolized infectious agents
  • Ebola transmission
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