Roger Weissberg

NoVo Foundation Endowed Chair in Social and Emotional Learning and LAS Distinguished Professor of Psychology and Education


Roger Weissberg — Photo: Jenny Fontaine

How can schools, parents, and communities promote positive behavior in young people?

Recent research indicates social and emotional learning (SEL) programs can raise standardized test scores, build students’ attachment to school, improve interpersonal attitudes, and decrease problem behaviors.

Roger Weissberg is a leading advocate of incorporating SEL into the curriculum from preschool through high school. He has trained scholars and practitioners in innovative interventions and produced more than 200 publications focusing on preventive strategies.

At UIC, he heads the SEL Research Group, which directs projects in assessment, practice, educator preparation and policy development. Under his guidance, the nonprofit Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning has led efforts to ensure that the social and emotional needs of children are addressed in schools worldwide.

Among his many awards, Weissberg was chosen by the George Lucas Educational Foundation in 2008 for its “Daring Dozen” of those who are reshaping the future of education.

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