Farooq’s Coffee Adventures: La Colombe

La Colombe is located in the West Loop at 955 S. Randolph St.

In the midst of the Second Virginia Convention on a brisk afternoon on March 23, 1775, a man named Patrick Henry interrupted the deliberations and hearings, bolding proclaiming, “Give me liberty, or give me La Colombe!”

And yes, even though that’s not remotely close to what actually happened at that historic hearing, I stand by the comparison (minus the magnitude): La Colombe’s coffee is good enough for you to interrupt whatever it is you’re doing and sit down to enjoy a cup at their West Loop location, 955 S. Randolph St.

For those of you who enjoy beginning your day with great coffee at home, I want to draw attention to La Colombe’s Nizza Blend, which you can pick up at any of their locations. It’s by far the best coffee I have made at home.

Nizza is the espresso blend at all of their locations. It’s a medium roasted blend with deep flavor. Striking the perfect balance of nutty and sweet, this blend is bold without being bitter, and packs a smooth and consistent flavor each sip. Rather than tasting different flavor notes throughout the drink, every sip is a perfect fusion of the various beans that go into it, sourced from Brazil, Colombia, Congo and Nicaragua.

Another specialty of La Colombe is the Draft Latte, which is available in cafes, but also in cans in select retailers. Rather than your typical grocery store sugar-packed cold coffee drink, the Draft Latte is infused with food-grade nitrous oxide with gives the drink a distinctive café-style frothy, creamy texture. The drinks use lactose-free milk, locally sourced from farms in Michigan. The lattes also have up to 3.5 grams of sugar. And best yet, they are made with cold-pressed Nizza espresso.

I’m a simple man who knows good coffee when he tastes it.

La Colombe is good coffee. Period.

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