Friday Flash


What a great opportunity I have to share what I’m doing in my Special Education Preschool classroom! I feel so, SO lucky to be at Whittier and to have my mentor, Christine Zeilinski.  I really do love what I do and look forward to working with the kids each and every day. 

Each day is definitely a challenge and sometimes I need a quick break and deep breath. But whenever I feel like that, I just try to remember that the kids are trying their best.

And every Friday we share with the parents what we did during the week, and what is to come the next week.

Friday Flash:

Last week we worked on getting to know each other and had lots of fun together!  We have been learning about “Me.”  The children are learning about each other and themselves.  The “Me Bucket” went home with a student each night.

During group time, each student looked in the mirror and looked what they saw.  We noticed 2 eyes, a nose and a mouth.  We sang a song about “I am Special.”

We also used wood pieced from the Handwriting Without Tears program (part of our curriculum) to make “Mat Man.”  We made his head, body, arms, legs, etc.

We also have an amazing “Hello Book.” The “Hello Book” is full of pages that the children interact with daily, with pictures of everyone from the children and teachers to the school nurse and social worker.  It’s a great way for the child to communicate and tell about their friends.

On Fridays we do special activities. We made edible self-portraits using cucumbers for eyes, a cherry tomato for a nose, red pepper strip for a mouth and carrots for hair. They had so much fun and loved the part of eating their veggie faces at the end.

Curriculum night was great. I was able to meet many of the parents and talk with them about their child. They loved seeing the pictures on our slideshow of what we’ve been doing for the last three weeks.

Stay tuned for next week’s Friday Flash!

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