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Teaching and grading large courses can be tough — instructors and teaching assistants are facing higher burdens than ever before with in-person/online and synchronous/asynchronous course delivery modes. Many have turned to Gradescope to administer and grade assessments, whether online or in-class since Gradescope saves time in grading and allows instructors to see detailed assignment and question analytics. 

The recent Gradescope User Summit was a one-day event that brought together members of the teaching and learning community to share innovative approaches and best practices for accelerating grading and feedback. There were seven sessions, each covering different themes and topics, and summit materials are available online

Laurie Starkey, a professor of chemistry and biochemistry at Cal Poly Pomona, discussed how to connect to students and build community while relying on Respondus for all her online assignments during the pandemic.

Questions like, “How are we supposed to take care of this heavy load and still have anything left for grading and meaningful feedback?” were posed by Rich Ross, instructor of statistics at the University of Virginia. In their session, you’ll hear how Gradescope has helped manage large classes in a primarily quantitative course.

Seth Anthony, an associate professor in the department of natural sciences at the Oregon Institute of Technology, shared a presentation on how Gradescope has been used in a general chemistry course for quizzes and exams as well as techniques to support student-centered active learning exercises in the general chemistry classroom.

You can review all the new ideas and proven success strategies shared by members of the Gradescope community on the 2021 summit presentations page.

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