HerCampus UIC Fashion Show

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Getting ready for the HerCampus Fashion Show. Photo: Timothy Nguyen

HerCampus is an online news outlet that serves college women all over the globe. Through their collegiate HerCampus chapter and HerCampus.com, women  share and receive news about lifestyle, health, fashion, beauty and much more. Over two hundred and forty college chapters participate in the HerCampus movement, including UIC.  UIC’s HerCampus chapter writes about restaurants near campus, current fashion and other topics that are trending around Chicago. Since I am new to HerCampus, I have not yet had the opportunity to attend an event, but had the honor to take pictures at their Fall Fashion Show downtown two weekends ago.

Every year, HerCampus hosts a Chicago fashion show downtown, which is a three-hour event. This year it took place at the Revel Downtown, 440 W. Randolph St.. The first two hours of the fashion show consisted of hundreds of guests strolling around the edge of the fashion show space visiting the various booths by companies that sponsored the entire event. Companies sponsored the HerCampus fashion show by advertising their products and by giving away free samples.  I was hungry while taking pictures so I ate more than a handful of the free Luna Bars.

The last hour of the event ended with the HerCampus Fashion Show. The fashion show was filled with live music from local musicians, dancing and modeling by HerCampus writers. The fashion show was divided into three scenes with musical performances in-between. In order, the styles of the acts were: Imperial, Brooklyn Princess and Woodlander. Because I didn’t have any knowledge about clothing styles or fashion, every act looked similar to me — if not the same. Being the first fashion show that I have ever attended, I was very impressed by the poses and the performance of all the models.

This event was great because it showcased fall fashion and trending hair styles. Even though this event was for the fashion show, it was much more than that. The HerCampus Fashion Show was an event that gathered young college women from all over Chicago into one place to share ideas of beauty and fashion. In the end, everybody contributed to a greater cause which will serve as a reminder that makeup and clothing brings everyone together, but true beauty lies on the inside.


Timothy Nguyen

Timothy Nguyen is a sophomore currently undeclared in the College of Liberal Arts and Science but he plans on transferring to the College of Engineering to pursue computer science. He wants to become a world-class professional wedding photographer by the time he graduates. He also wants to find job in software engineering. In his free time, Timothy enjoys doing photo shoots with friends and taking pictures around campus. Born and raised in Illinois, Timothy is a student photographer/contributor for UIC News.

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