I am UIC: final exam guide to success  

open text book with pen and rulerAs final exams week is fast approaching, are you panicking? Do you feel a certain pressure to do excellent on your final papers and exams? You are not alone because almost every student panic about their final exams.

Students who are freshmen, I understand that you might panic a lot more because this is your first time taking cumulative final exams at a university level. However, I will advise that you do not over-panic; rather, become productive by studying ahead.

Over-panicking can lead to a low performance during the exam because one can become too nervous. Hence, becoming unable to fully concentrate and adequately use the time given for the exam.

Some students might have only one, two or three final exams, whereas some students might have none depending on their major and courses chosen this semester. However, the number of finals a student has does not really matter. Dedicating sufficient time to study is the main necessity. How do you dedicate enough time to study?

If you get easily distracted, try to study in a quiet place and put your phone away. Stay off any social media such as Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, etc. You can always catch up to all the news you missed after finals. I-message can also be a distraction especially when your crush or your significant other, “bae” wants to FaceTime. Explain to your boyfriend or girlfriend that you have to study. Everything can wait till after you finish studying!

If you are struggling in a course, do not wait until last minute to study! I will advise that you begin to study three days before that exam. Through this method you will have ample time to ask your professor or tutor for help regarding any topic you do not understand. Therefore, you will not simply cram, but understand enough to excel in your exams.

Furthermore, try not to stay up all night studying for an exam occurring the next morning because this will deprive you of a good night’s sleep. Lacking a good night’s sleep prior to taking an exam might lead to the inability to focus or fully stay awake during the exam. Sometimes, students oversleep after studying all through the night. Set your alarm and set the volume to the loudest. Get up and stop snoozing the alarm. You snooze, you lose.

Temitope Odedoyin
Temitope Eddna Odedoyin is majoring in English and fully concentrating in media and professional writing. Apart from writing, she has have a passion for painting, and enjoys using watercolors, oil paint, acrylic, charcoal, oil pastel. She also has an interest in creative writing and short stories. She believes that art — through writing and painting — is a way of expressing one’s feelings.

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