I am UIC: Finals frenzy

stack of booksI don’t know if this is just me, but I feel like this transition into finals week has brought my life back into a frenzy. The simple prospect of change and preparation for holidays and a new semester all of the sudden makes me feel like life is starting to move faster around me, yet I am stuck in place.

Everything is changing, academically and in the rest of life. My family just adopted a new dog, and every day my mom sends me new videos of him. I don’t live at home, so I am dying to go home and meet him but, obviously, finals. I am now wrapping up my fifth semester at UIC, I’m halfway through junior year, and I’m over halfway done with college. I’m almost there, but everything is still so unclear.

To be quite honest, I have no idea what I want to do. While I love writing and social justice issues, there are just so many places to go with that. What if I choose the wrong path or make the wrong decision? Where should I try to intern? Will I have enough experience to make it out in the world? There are so many what ifs being stirred up with the ending of this semester. It is not even these next couple of weeks that I am worried about, but it is everything that follows.

“A year ago,
You did not know today.
You did not know
How you’d make it here.
But you made it here.
By grace, you made it here.”

– Morgan Harper Nichols

I read this poem the other day, and I wanted to share this refreshing thought. Sure, there are a lot of unknowns following this upcoming week. You may be wondering what your grades were, if you will pass, if you will find a new job, if you will get accepted for an internship, if you will ever be able to relax again… take a moment. Breathe. Remember that you have made it this far; you will do it again.


Abigail Floresca is a junior majoring in criminology, law and justice with a minor in professional writing. Writing is how she connects, processes, expresses and relates to the rest of the world. Increasingly aware of the power of storytelling in bringing about change and reform, Abigail earnestly seeks to find a way to incorporate a perfect blend of writing and social work within the criminal justice system — she dreams of bringing about a positive change, one story at a time. At UIC, she is involved in campus ministry; conducts research with the criminology, law and justice department; interns with the Chicago Justice Project, and loves exploring new places downtown. 

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