I am UIC: Going paperless in college

My relationship with technology has always been strained. Last year, when the keys on my laptop stopped working, instead of trying to figure out what was wrong, I bought myself a USB-plugin desktop keyboard. I used that for several months until I took it into ACCC, and they informed me that my laptop was, in fact, terminal. He only had months to live.

After the sudden and tragic death of my laptop, I decided that for the rest of college, I was going to free myself from the burden of technology. I decided that I didn’t need a laptop, and instead walked into the Apple Store and bought the iPad Pro. I was over the whole laptop craze and ready to start over with something different.

When I got home, I sat there, with my oversized iPhone, downloaded the Word app, and began typing my essay for class. The next day, I went to class, downloaded the OneNote app and took my notes for class. I downloaded my email, Netflix, and Adobe Photoshop, Reader, and Illustrator. All for free. Everything was so simple. The iPad was so light. Everything I needed on one, notebook-sized screen.

If you’re anything like the over-achieving, yet scattered-brained individual that I am, you will find that all the paper you started with at the beginning of the semester and all of the folders and nicely organized binders you set up, get all crumpled and crushed at the bottom of your backpack by week five. That was always my problem. But you know what? With the iPad, I literally don’t need any paper at all. I sign documents, read and take notes, type essays and edit videos, all on this little device. Wracking my brain for an idea for my upcoming capstone project, I realized that I can literally illustrate all the art with the Apple Pencil, write everything with my Bluetooth keyboard, and gather all the literature I need, right on my iPad. I am even writing this, right now, on my iPad.

It’s cool guys. Going paperless was honestly so effortless and has helped me tremendously to be more organized. And I’m not wasting a bunch of paper in my leftover school notebooks! I feel so efficient and mindful for the environment. I am sure you may need a laptop computer for more intense fields like STEM majors, or CADA students, but as for me, my social scientist and writer’s needs are completely met, if not superseded by this wickedly brilliant tech.

So, that is all. I just had to rant about how excited I feel about technology that works well. Who knew user-friendly and quality tech existed? I apparently did not.


Abigail Floresca is a junior majoring in criminology, law and justice with a minor in professional writing. Writing is how she connects, processes, expresses and relates to the rest of the world. Increasingly aware of the power of storytelling in bringing about change and reform, Abigail earnestly seeks to find a way to incorporate a perfect blend of writing and social work within the criminal justice system — she dreams of bringing about a positive change, one story at a time. At UIC, she is involved in campus ministry; conducts research with the criminology, law and justice department; interns with the Chicago Justice Project, and loves exploring new places downtown. 

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