I am UIC: What employers want

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As graduation is fast approaching, it advisable that seniors begin to submit applications for a full-time job within their field of study. There are different resources available for job searching: indeed.com, linkedin.com, glassdoor.com, as well as professional organization websites.

These various career websites present students with the chance to find endless job opportunities both locally and internationally. However, networking is vital in searching for a job; knowing someone who works in one’s prospective job can present the chance of quickly becoming knowledgeable about vacancies.

Noticing a job vacancy is part of searching for a job but showing employers that you are knowledgeable as well as proficient in your field of study becomes the most important part of job searching. What do employers want when reviewing resumes, cover letters, or conducting an interview?

Resumes should:

• Be concise, coherent, cohesive and clear
• Include action verbs
• Include key words such as proficient, knowledgeable, expert

Covers letters should:

Be short and concise
• Convince the employer that you are an excellent match for the job
• Emphasize that you have the skills needed

Tips for a successful interview:

• Know as much as you can about the company or organization
• Come prepared to answer open-ended questions such as why should we hire you? Tell me a little about yourself? What’s are your major strengths and weaknesses? Why did you choose your major? What contributions can you make to our company? Do you work well as part of a team, please provide an example?
• Dress appropriately: tidy and professional.

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