I believe we’ll get it

Obama Presidential Library rendering

Rendering of one of UIC’s proposed sites for the Obama Presidential Library.


As you may have heard, UIC is one of four finalists to receive the Obama Presidential Library. This will be a great addition to our campus and the communities that surround our school. I feel that we are the best choice considering our diverse student body and neighborhood. Also I believe that the library will be most effective in this area of the city, which has a vibrant atmosphere. A lot of other schools are also in the area. I see a lot of elementary, high school and college students in this community that I know would benefit from the library.

The Obama Presidential Library has received a lot of support and momentum from the entire university. We welcome the library; it is a monument that will go on to represent the legacy of President Barack Obama. It will be a historic place and I am honored that the President is considering Chicago and our campus as a potential spot. This library will become another place for students to study and use the Internet. I see and know many of readers here at UIC so I know that the books will be checked out. Lastly, that library will serve as a safe learning environment for children after school.

UIC is a great school and we are only getting better. I feel that are school is making great strides in the direction of becoming one of the best colleges in the country. I have seen our university making transitions in leadership roles and I think the new focus is paying off. The leadership is committed to the progress of the students and ultimately the university. I notice certain areas where I have progressed. I’ve learned a lot in my first two years at UIC.


Matthew Maggit (F)


Matthew Maggit is a sophomore in accounting in the College of Business Administration. Matthew decided to come to UIC because of the business program’s reputation and because he wanted to study at a campus with a diverse atmosphere. He likes how close the campus is to downtown Chicago and the Willis Tower. In his free time, he loves to surround myself with loved ones, and he enjoys sports and going to the gym.


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