In the news: violence becomes numbing



“Initially the things that are more pressing are the day-to-day. More longer term is the person’s sense of self — ‘The world is dangerous, people are out to get me or my loved ones. I am not valuable’ — all of this can get internalized. Then it becomes numbing.”

Liza Suarez, assistant professor of clinical psychology and co-director of the Urban Youth Trauma Center, on the impact of recent shooting deaths of children in Chicago, Nov. 7 Chicago Tribune



 “They make science better. They have been historically underrepresented, and that is unfortunate for patients and for medicine and science.”

Larry Tobacman, director of the Medical Scientist Training Program, on the importance of including minorities in research and medicine, Nov. 3 Indian Country Today



“I am not ashamed to admit I’m partly driven by the money.”

Anesia Reticker, PharmD candidate, on young women’s motivations and ambitions for success, Nov. 7 Cosmopolitan

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