Link between testosterone, prostate cancer

Maarten Bosland

Maarten Bosland, professor of pathology, researches prostate cancer.

“It’s just an extra warning signal. But I think it’s a clear indication that there is risk.”


Maarten Bosland, professor of pathology, on his research findings that testosterone raises the risk of prostate cancer in rats, Oct. 15 Time



“There is not epidemiological evidence that the kind of community-based exposure such as being at a shopping mall or walking down the street or riding a bus is associated with disease transmission.”


Rachael Jones, assistant professor of environmental and occupational health sciences, on why airborne transmission of Ebola could be a danger to certain health personnel, but not the general public, Oct. 17 NPR “All Things Considered



“There are some studies that show that young children who are able to get words on paper easily become the better writers.”


Timothy Shanahan, professor emeritus of curriculum and instruction, on young people’s lack of familiarity with reading and writing in cursive, Oct. 20 WUIS-FM

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