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Students gathered at the UIC Career Fair

Most jobs are found through referrals, says Michael Kimball-Bryant of Career Services. Photo: S.K. Vemmer


By Galina Velgach and Matthew Persson

Networking is key when looking for a job, says Michael Kimball-Bryant.

“Don’t just apply for jobs online,” said Kimball-Bryant, assistant director of UIC’s Office of Career Services. “There’s a hidden job market in which 80 percent of jobs aren’t listed online — they’re filled through connections and referrals.”

To help streamline the networking process, Career Services hosts LinkedIn Labs — workshops that teach the basics of using LinkedIn as a networking tool. “You can apply for 30, 40 or 50 jobs and only get one interview,” he said. “It’s helpful for students to look offline, using LinkedIn to facilitate in-person meets.”

Career Services offers a variety of services to help students find jobs. Students can schedule an appointment with a counselor for personalized help, attend workshops on using employment tools and use the office’s online resources to boost interview skills and find the perfect career.

Career Services provides assistance with strengthening résumés and cover letters, practicing interview skills, planning for career fairs and completing applications. Workshops such as Launch Pad coach students in getting organized for career fairs and job interviews. Mock interviews are available to all students once per semester but students can practice online anytime with Interview Stream. The software, accessible from any computer with a webcam, provides students with thousands of possible interview questions and allows them to record themselves and watch their answers.

Career Services staff members can also help students who aren’t ready to look for a job. They can help students come up with a plan of action, choosing a major and matching career. “You go to school to learn, but ultimately, you’re going to need to find a job,” said Kimball-Bryant.

Students can explore careers through the iFIT program, designed to measure career compatibility. Students who register for iFIT attend four sessions per semester that include self-assessments, group discussion and more.

Through the Career Services website students can access Vault Career Insider and FOCUS 2, software programs that provide a database of information about degrees, jobs and internships. FOCUS 2 also evaluates individual interests and goals, compiling a customized list of majors and careers.

The Office of Career Services hosts career fairs throughout the year for students to network with potential employers. Spring semester fairs are held in January and March. For more information, visit the Office of Career Services, Suite 3050, Student Services Building.


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