Lose weight: fast

Krista Varady

Nutrition researcher Krista Varady (Photo: Roberta Dupuis-Devlin/UIC Photo Services)

“The point was to create a diet people can stick with to achieve their weight-loss goal.”

Kristin Varady, associate professor of kinesiology and nutrition, on her new book describing her research on nutrition and heart health, Jan. 1 Chicago Tribune


“What we’re actually saying to a big chunk of the labor force is, ‘We’re forsaking you. You’re done.’ We’re willing to write you off as a way to flush out of the job market people who’ve become a burden on the job market. It’s a terrible outcome for those individuals and a pretty mean-spirited choice.”

Robert Bruno, professor and director of the Labor Education Program, on the end of emergency federal unemployment benefits, Dec. 30 Chicago Tribune 


“Having Wal-Mart is not a very good economic development strategy because what it sells other retailers can sell. It may be appropriate because you want an open retail market or you want lower prices, but it’s not a job creation strategy.”

David Merriman, professor of public administration and economics, on why Wal-Mart is ineffective as a  job creation tool, Dec. 6 Washington Post

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