Meet our interns

UIC News interns

UIC News interns Justin Mendoza (left) and Matthew Pozo.


Justin Mendoza

I am a senior at UIC, pursuing a bachelor’s in English. My career goal is to be an international reporter. I enjoy learning about different cultures. Each country has their own uniqueness that I cannot help but want to learn about. I take full advantage of the vast variety of food near campus. My tastebuds have ventured from Chinatown for a 554 dish at Seven Treasures to Greektown for lamb at Greek Islands.

I commute to school from a small town 30 minutes up north called Highwood. The commute can be rough at times from Chicago’s constant change in weather, but I know it’s only for the time being. My parents have sacrificed so much to give me an opportunity to attend college. I hope when I graduate in May, it puts a smile on their faces to light up the room. With undergrad coming to an end I know my passion, drive and work ethic will lead me to a future I can be happy and proud of.


Matthew Pozo

I am a dual-degree student at UIC. In May, I will receive a bachelor’s in criminology, law and justice as well as a bachelor’s in English with a concentration in media, rhetorical and cultural ctudies. My favorite classes at UIC have been ENG 490 (Advanced Poetry Writing), ENG 202 (Professional Media Writing) and CLJ 491 (Topics in Rule Breaking).  I am  a three-year member of UIC’s nationally ranked mock trial team, where I have won multiple “Outstanding Attorney” awards across the Midwest. I love writing and being in a courtroom, so naturally I have career goals doing something related to writing, preferably a journalist or columnist, or a trial attorney (maybe both). Upon graduation, I’m going to take a year off from school to reevaluate and see what happens with my progression of becoming a writer before deciding if I want to attend law school.

I work as a server/bartender/barista at Forno Rosso, a Neapolitan pizzeria located in Chicago’s Dunning, neighborhood. I am an avid concertgoer, movie watcher and poetry reader, as well as Chicago sports fanatic. My favorite part about Chicago is the never-ending list of things to do as well as the museum district, specifically the Art Institute and Museum of Contemporary Art. My favorite part about UIC is the multiple mock trial trophy cases, the diversity of the students and staff, and the blue-collar, hard-working vibe you get from the campus. Go Flames! 


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