UIC Athletics ramps up for fall sports

UIC Athletics staff has been meeting virtually for weeks to prepare for the gradual reopening of athletic facilities and for the safe return of student-athletes, coaches and staff to campus.

Detailed plans and protocols, informed by public health guidance, will be shared later this month. A tentative timeline for a return to athletic activities will begin this month:

June: essential athletics staff resume limited operation of the Flames Athletic Center, increasing throughout the month in preparation for the return of a limited number of student-athletes.

July: a limited number of student-athletes will resume individual athletic activities in accordance with NCAA rules (men’s and women’s basketball for summer workouts; men’s and women’s soccer and volleyball for voluntary workouts).

August: a return to preseason team training for fall sports; return of all additional winter and spring sports together with the general student body for the fall semester.

Congratulations to student-athletes who, following the mid-semester shift to online classes and the cancellation of athletics activities, rallied to post a cumulative 3.55 GPA — the highest in the history of Flames Athletics!


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