Nearing the end

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There are a couple of campus signals that let me know that the end of the semester is near.

When I see the same students in the library all day, I know that finals are coming because students are getting some last study time in for their exams.

The other indication that the semester is wrapping up is when you find yourself having more free time because the majority of work is done in classes. The last thing that needs to be given in my classes are the finals.

Here at UIC, I have noticed that finals are the most important exams of the semester and a lot of anxiety and even stress come with this part in the semester.

Because the semester is in its last stages, many students may be compelled to coast the rest of the semester but in fact, this is the time to buckle down and finish the semester off strong. Finals can make or break students’ grades, so don’t misuse this time. As I like to put it, it’s time to be clutch!

Teachers expect more from students at the end of the semester. The work at the end of the semester holds more weight in terms of points and will have a greater effect if that work is mishandled. I have come to learn from experience that instructors from all courses have something that needs to be done in the final weeks of the semester. Whether it is a project, a paper, a presentation, a performance or just simply the final exam, students are required to complete assignments even up until the last day of class.

The good news about the final weeks of semester is that the end is closer than it appears.


Matthew Maggit (F)


Matthew Maggit is a sophomore in accounting in the College of Business Administration. Matthew decided to come to UIC because of the business program’s reputation and because he wanted to study at a campus with a diverse atmosphere. He likes how close the campus is to downtown Chicago and the Willis Tower. In his free time, he loves to surround himself with loved ones, and he enjoys sports and going to the gym.


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