Negotiations continue between UIC, UICUF

Collective bargaining negotiations continue between the University of Illinois Chicago and UIC United Faculty, the union representing, among others, certain tenure/tenure-track and non-tenure-track faculty at UIC.

To date, the university and union have participated in 26 negotiation sessions. Eight of the last nine meetings have been conducted with guidance from an independent federal mediator. So far, the sides have reached tentative agreement on 16 of 23 contract items.

The union has set Jan. 17, 2023, the second week of the spring semester, as the tentative start to an indefinite strike if an agreement is not reached. Key issues such as compensation and contract duration remain to be resolved and the university is committed to continuing talks and reaching a resolution on a fair and beneficial contract for both parties.

Negotiation sessions are slated for Jan. 5 and 6, and the university has shared its willingness to schedule additional sessions in order to reach an agreement and avoid a strike.

UIC continues to provide updates on the status of negotiations at

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