New campus e-scooter policy

Earlier this year, the university adopted a policy on e-scooters and other low-speed, motorized personal transportation devices on campus. To maintain the safety and comfort of all individuals on campus and reduce the risk of injury and damage to university property, the use of such devices is prohibited on university premises. The policy is also designed to ensure compliance with Illinois state law and City of Chicago ordinances.

The policy includes, but is not limited to, motorized scooters, skateboards, hoverboards, all classes of pedal and throttle-assist bicycles, and roller blades. It does not apply to wheelchairs or ADA-related mobility aids.

“Students are free to use their personal transportation devices to get to and from campus, but must not use them after arriving at UIC,” said Kate Yoshida, program coordinator in the Office of Planning, Sustainability and Project Management. “The devices must be docked at designated parking locations when on campus.”

The policy also prohibits the use of prohibited devices in university facilities.

“Students who live in campus housing should refer to housing policies for storage of their personal transportation devices in residence hall locations,” said Eric Pegues, assistant director of residence life.

Users of e-scooters and similar motorized devices are expected to know and follow all applicable city laws and ordinances, including the use of protective gear. Laws will be strictly enforced on city streets and sidewalks within the UIC campus.

UIC Police are being trained by Disability Cultural Center staff about the best way to approach students who use nontraditional assistive devices that do not violate the new policy. Enforcement will formally begin in February, but until then, UIC Police will provide information and reminders about the policy to those who are noncompliant. Formal enforcement will begin with an initial warning followed by mandatory fines for additional violations.

Individuals who observe someone riding a non-ADA personal electric device in a location prohibited by the policy must report violations at the time they occur by contacting UIC Police at 312-996-2830. Staff and faculty violators will be reported to UIC Human Resources and/or Faculty Affairs. Students in violation of the policy will be reported directly to the Dean of Student Affairs. Repeated violations by an individual may lead to disciplinary action.

“We hope this new policy helps to protect users of these devices, those using ADA-approved devices, and the entire UIC community when on campus,” Yoshida said.

Individuals and campus organizations can download an informational flyer about the use of e-scooters and other personal motorized devices here.

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