New features of Gradescope

Are you a current Gradescope user?

Did you know that your favorite grading tool is improving? We wanted to share a few new features and improvements that you will begin to see over the next few weeks as you use Gradescope.

New Features of Gradescope:

  • New Metrics.
    • Alpha – Chronbach alpha is the statistical term used to measure the reliability of an exam.
    • STD Error – standard error of measurement which measures the precision of an exam in terms of testing students’ knowledge.
  • The Item Analysis page will be updated to show what percentage of students selected each answer option. This new feature will help you identify questions that might be misleading to students.
  • The new insights panel will flag questions that have low discriminatory scores so that instructors can easily identify and investigate problematic questions.
  • The new estimate of question difficulty is based on how the students who are performing top third and bottom third of the class performed on the question.
  • The new CSV export of raw answers for each student, for each question, and for each version for further analysis.

Are you new to using a grading tool?

Are you looking for ways to increase your frequency and timeliness of feedback on assessments? Want a tool that can help you reduce grading time? Well, look no further than Gradescope. Gradescope is a grading application used to grade paper and digital assignments as well as coding assignments.

Benefits of Using Gradescope:

  • Positive grading — Criteria can be used to add points instead of taking away points for errors.
  • Reduction of grading time — Grade in groups with artificial intelligence to reduce the time it takes to grade and score assignments.
  • Consistent scoring and grading — If a scoring criterion is changed halfway through the grading process then the change is applied to all previously scored assignments.
  • Individualized feedback — Provide additional support and guidance for individual students with the annotation tools.

To learn more about Gradescope and other Grading and Proctoring tools visit EdTech Tools – Grading and Proctoring.

For questions about Gradescope contact the Center for the Advancement of Teaching Excellence Support team at

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