Robocop soon the new reality?

Andrew Johnson and Maxine Brown

Andrew Johnson, director of research, and Maxine Brown, director of the EVL, in front of CAVE2, an advanced 3-D environment. Photo: Lance Long

“I think the idea of having that Robocop level display is going to be a reality very soon if not already.”

Andrew Johnson, associate professor of computer science and Electronic Visualization Laboratory director of research, on new technology for law enforcement like the EVL’s SpiderSense project, July 9 ABC7 News


“It’s delivering services that really address the root of the problems that drive up health costs and poor outcomes.”

Ben Van Voorhees, associate professor of pediatrics, on University of Illinois Check, a new community-centered program to provide health care to children and young adults on the West and South sides, July 10 Crain’s Chicago Business


“Interestingly, the oldest version of the story I could find was published in 1903 in Sweden.”

Roy Plotnick, professor of earth and environmental sciences, on the origin and history of the popular children’s book The Little Engine that Could, July 8 NPR All Things Considered

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