New semester gives students a clean slate

“I am UIC” blogger Mike Queroz

By Mike Queroz

After a month full of relaxation and gluttony, I was more than ready to start a brand new semester.

Don’t get me wrong, I did some fun stuff and even started scrapbooking, but it gets boring not having anything to do after three weeks — I was ready to start school.

I look at a new semester like a clean slate — I have another period where I can start everything from scratch and on the right foot.

So far, so good.

The week started off with some confusion. I had most of my books ordered or purchased and my pens and pencils packed in my bag. Problem was that I didn’t know my final schedule.

Typically, I have my schedule picked out and organized well before the semester. However, this time around it wasn’t quite like that.

I had registered for classes a long time ago, but was unsure about one of them. I spent the past two weeks running around and emailing faculty to get into some electives.

On the first day I went to some classes not on my schedule to “visit” and see if I liked them. This was tiring, as I was back to back in my schedule and was very groggy.

I genuinely enjoy all of the classes I am enrolled in right now. All of the professors are great, make the material interesting and teach the topics very well. There are a lot of readings to do this semester, though, which is probably expected when you’re a second-semester junior.

Overall, this semester seems promising. I just have to remember to keep my eye on the prize.

And that prize is a summer of no books and just a year away from graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication.

• Mike Queroz is a junior in communication and student blogger for “I am UIC”

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